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"Change Starts At Home:"


Kelly Clarkson surprises residents devastated by back-to-back Hurricanes with restored homes. Shot in Lake Charles, LA.

Director/DP/Colorist: Timothy Mollen
Production Co: Mahalo Content Studio
Executive Producer: Scott Hainline
Interior Designer: Sheila Whitson
Covid Supervisor: Jamie Ransonet
Location Scout: Dee Meyers
Sound: James Willis
Translator: Sylvia Pastrano

Head of Video Creative: Jungee Chung
Creative Director: Steve Howard
Art Director: Katherine Volpe
Copy Manager: Trevor O'Brien Jones
Designer/Brand Style Director: Tara Donovan
Stylist: Samantha Moon
Head of Production: Katelyn Kennedy
Senior Producer: Erika Bertrand
PR Manager: Julie Cassetina
Editors: Liz Colanto, Ryan Carty
Post Producer: Santiago Gonzalez
Mixer: Tim Ahern
Community Reps: Rick Miller, Bianca Banks

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